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Welcome to Lifestyle Centres

With the movement towards sustainable living and development, many people have embarked on a journey out of the city, in order to simplify their lifestyle. This has given rise to the establishment of a number of self-sustainable communities, eco-villages, retreats and private homesteads, while others remaining in cities and towns, have also adopted various changes arising from a conscious decision to improve their home environment, neighbourhoods and communities with due respect and consideration to the planet.

Lifestyle Centres offers services for the design and construction of such sustainable and regenerative systems, with specific focus on the practices and principles of permaculture. At the same time it showcases examples of such work and endeavours to create a network of eco-communities / eco-villages as well as those individuals which have incorporated these principles into their day to day living.

Projects range from natural home building, sustainable gardens and landscaping, natural pools and ponds, grey and black water recycling systems, compost toilets, rain water harvesting / catchments, irrigation systems, recycling systems, to alternative power supply, all of which are specifically tailored to site conditions.

"Live simply so that others may simply live." Mahatma Gandhi

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